Thought I couldn’t be further impressed after that amazing Premium Pork Loin, but I was wrong. ⁣

Tried their Tonkatsu Ramen ($15.90) - Along with that pork bone, piggy collagen and mild spicy miso paste, the broth is simmered long and slow in the pot for 12 hours daily, no less. The result is a cloudy, milky texture, which is deeply rich and savoury without leaving you the fear of chugging water through the night. The eggs were good, how could it not be, having been experimented on for 3 months before they perfect it. And no, these were not sous vide, they were done the OG way. The yolk was perfectly fixed in that sweet spot between runny and set.⁣

The Japanese Pork Fillet Tonkatsu is only breaded and fried upon order, so rest assured of the freshness. In this case, the meat used here is nearer to the pork shoulder, thereby boasting lesser fats and much, much meatier. Breaking through the crispy breaded crumbs on the outside, you'd be delighted to find them extremely succulent within, and oh so tasty.⁣

This dish is perfect for all occasions, and I can't help but reminisce about those pre-COVID days where you're done with the club (think Zouk), and want to have some supper before heading home. It feels like this dish might just be the best hangover cure possible with that delicious broth. ⁣

Nice people, great food, well priced. These 6 words pretty much sums up my experience here. Thank you @5meanders for taking time to patiently explain the dishes and concept to us, @hajime_tonkatsu_ramen for the food, and @thehungertrack for joining me!