From Baker's Brew Studio's latest outpost at Paragon — had last visited them at their first shop at Jalan Tampang when they had first opened two years ago; they have since opened another outlet at Upper Thomson Road before this one along the same stretch as Salted Caramel with both outlets only doing baking classes currently. This newest outlet brings back the dine-in option previously available only for a short while at Jalan Tampang, and also puts the "brew" in the name formally into the menu with coffee available.

Dual Fromage is one of the items that seems to be introduced rather recently — a combination of a saltier cheesy crumble layer over the top with a cream layer in the middle before a mousse-y part similar to a New York Cheesecake at the bottom; part salty, yet has the richness of a good New York Cheesecake and a thin layer of sponge and the bottom to hold up the entire cake. Some say it's conceptually close to LeTao's Double Fromage; hadn't tried the former so can't really comment about it, but definitely a palatable version of the cheesecake we all know with a lightly salty twist — a version I am glad to have tried and don't mind having any other day!

(PS: Coffee is by Papa Pahelta here — the Long Black comes with a medium body with a fruity flavour profile; works decent with the Dual Fromage)