DIY Regular Bowl consists of 1 base (you can choose 2 bases, you get 1/2 portion of each), 2 proteins, 3 sides, 1 topping, 1 dressing (~$15).

For the base of my salad, I like to request for it to be 1/2 Romaine Lettuce (cold) and 1/2 Linguine pasta (cold). For my proteins, I'll get Baked Herb Thyme Chicken and top up $1 for Smoked Salmon. For my sides, my go-tos are their Kimchi, Sous Vide Egg, Tofu, Button & Shimeji Mushrooms (quite dependant on my mood ๐Ÿคช). For my topping, I like to get the Dried Cranberries - they help add a sweet touch! As for the dressing, I love their Sesame Miso (it's oil free)!

Overall, I'd say that the salad bowl is value-for-money! For my friends that don't really enjoy vegetables, they're actually fine with dining at Toss & Turn because of the variety of options that'd allow them to consume as little veggies as they possibly can! Love that the portion is generous.

Only thing that I think can be improved upon - the amount of oil, find it a little oily since the Pasta is ago olio style and the Baked Herb Thyme Chicken is a little on the oily end ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ