Now they’ve released a series of veggie buns and they’re really delicious! Here’s the list of our favorites in order:
Veggie Fondue which could really be our go to bun from now now because we’re a sucker for potatoes in our bread and the broccolis were amazingly crunchy!
Tomato Basil tasted like pizza but it’s a healthier option with probably half the calories. The cherry tomatoes were used to depict tomato purée and they were surprisingly sweet 🍅
Lotus Trio was a smart play on the ingredients as you’d never imagine lotus roots on your bread. The roots were so crunchy and made very fun to eat.
They were also others in the series like:
Spring Midori
Mushroom Issho
Spinach Gomae
Leek Wasabi
Be sure to check the amazing buns from @barcookbakery

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