Go back in time at this stalwart stop along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, where city crawlers come for oldtime breakfast and brunch. The culturally diverse crowd is very much like the cafe's offerings. Out front, the Nasi Padang station garners a cult following. Search the spread for a delicious Ikan Bakar Percik (from RM5) and Daging Dendeng (from RM4), with extra kuah to ladle over rice. For tea, order the Rojak (RM5) that comes with extra crunchy chopped fritters and a hard-boiled egg drenched in nutty gravy. Your meal options don't end there; there is also splendid Hainanese-style Mee Goreng (RM6) and a nice, crisp Roti Bakar (RM2.80). Pass up the often overcooked eggs, and dip the bread straight into a cup of smooth Kopi O (from RM1.70) or Teh C (from RM1.70) — your choice.
Avg price per person: RM10