Golden mile branch: Long-standing tang yuan shop! What is yuanxiao (11 Feb) without eating these yummy glutinous rice balls? @75ahballing

Rating: 7/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes (only matcha ball w peanut soup)

Pros: They have four different sweet soups & 6 diff balls to choose from! Love the matcha flavoured ball and peanut soup the best! Matcha is really thick and strong flavoured, texture is almost like a melted matcha choco if that makes sense? 😂 Peanut soup is not too sweet, very light & flavoursome. The thickness and chewiness of the tangyuan was just right for me.

Cons: Not a fan of the ginger soup, nor all the other flavoured balls. Least fav has got to be sesame ones. Red bean filling today was tasteless in one yet super sweet in another (probably a one off mixing mistake from the rush). I'm not crazy about tangyuan's though, so do factor that in.

Price: S$2.80 - 6 pcs (on Yuan Xiao Jie)