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What I do on Friday nights - YAY I made it to Chiizu toast @ Vivo. Luckily I arrived in time because so many (10 or more) started queuing after me (lol I bring in the crowd!!). The wait wasn’t too long, surprisingly more than 5 people in front of me disappeared so I got mine within 5-10 mins. LOL.

The cheese stretches for milessssssss (haha my HB had to endure my endless selfies). How does it taste? A little on the sweet side for me... love the crisp toast and long stretchy cheese. But would really love to lose the sugar. Will try the charcoal cheese next time (it was sold out at 7pm already!!!) verdict 3.5πŸ˜‹

#chiizutoast #drklingeats #burpplesg