Made up of seasonal oysters, whole maine lobster, smoked salmon, black mussels, clams, king prawn cocktail, sturgeon caviar (30g), and condiments (creme fraiche and chives for the caviar, and a mignonette for the oysters).

Most of the platter was fresh, and I felt like the price was typical of such an amount especially within city area. Could have done without the mussels or the clams but this was definitely just nice for 4 people to share as a start to the meal. We chose to add on some crackers but personally felt like the seasoning on the thin brioche slices was overpowering the taste of the caviar.

Service came off as a little shorthanded since we had to prompt several staff members to have our water and wines refilled - but the complimentary birthday dessert paired with the lively singing made up for it. Also note that tap water was chargeable for $2.