The $28 limited edition bowl of Ebi Miso Ramen with 20ml of Fat-washed Yamazaki Whisky is worth every damn cent!
I was told a lot of R&D went into this to get the balance of ebi (prawn) oil and Yamazaki whisky calibrated for supreme oishii-ness. Let me assure you, it's really paid off.
When the ramen arrives, you're suppose start by sipping some of the broth in order for your tastebuds to register the original taste of the ebi miso. Only after that do you pour in the cup containing the specially-prepared ebi-intensified Yamazaki whisky. In an instant, you can tell how much the umami prawn note is heightened, and as you slurp up the noodles and soup, there is this continuous presence of the whisky's seductive aroma and taste. It's not unlike being enveloped by a warm cloud of the alcohol. Mmmmmm....
Naturally, something so captivating takes extra effort and time to prepare. Which explains why there are only 30 bowls of this ramen a day. To ensure you don't miss out, you'll need to book on
By the way, the owner of Jimoto Ya shared that his plan is to serve this until the end of this year but it isn't a sure thing. So I recommend you visit sooner rather than later if you are keen to taste this.

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