With this new store, that can accommodate 50 pax, comes new exciting additions to the menu such as the Salmon Tendon ($14.90), an exclusive item to the ION Orchard store during the first week of its launch, which comes packed with a perfectly deep fried tempura salmon fillet with accompanying ingredients such as Hiroshima oyster, Camembert cheese, mashed potato, ohba and ikura on a bed of Masshigura rice with the finishing drizzle of the Tenya’s signature umami tare glazing sauce. Other new mains include the Spicy Cold Udon ($11.90-$18.90), sides like Truffle Chawanmushi ($4), Kawa Ebi or deep-fried river shrimps ($7.50), Caesar Salad with tempura egg ($5.80) and desserts of Daifuku ($3.40) and Anmitsu ($5.80), the latter is a smooth agar jelly served with a medley of ingredients like azuki beans, mandarin orange, peach slices, red Maraschino cherry, Shiratama mochi, Hokkaido soft serve and sweetened with Kuromitsu.

The other favourites such as the signature Tenya Tendon ($8.50), Premium Tendon ($10.90) and Tori Tendon ($9.90) will still be mainstays in the permanent menu, with upgrade options to hot/cold soba or udon.
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