One of Montana’s newest brunch additions, this savory Assam crab waffle was an ambivalent one taste wise.

At $16.30++ (which is relatively not thaaat cheap btw), we found the price somewhat justified as it did indeed came with chunks of REAL crab meat. There was an interesting spice blended into the waffle batter, before being doused with drips of gula melaka mayo, which was tbh, quite tasty - just that the serving was too scant to suffice for an elevation in taste.

Personally, I found the dish to get a tad jelat (too overbearing) towards the end probably due to the canned pineapple salsa used paired with the crab meat. I found it a pity that canned pineapples were used as the sweet syrup engulfed the crab meat, which got too much to finish at the end, when the dish got cold.

What Montana has gotten darn right has got to be the texture of the waffles though - light and crispy on the exterior with a lingering fragrance of the spices; whilst maintaining that soft pillowy bite inside that was oh so satisfying.

Amazing texture, still-justifiable price, must try if you’re feeling adventurous for some savory waffles!