If you asked me to choose between soy chicken and braised duck, the choice is clear! Anytime a teochew braised duck will outshine a roast duck or roast chicken, generally speaking. The texture of the flesh, the braised flavour from the herbs and the duck fat, if done well will certainly leave that umami on your palette. Spare the braised sauce, I would even say, for the saltiness and herb (star anise and cinnamon) might sometime cover these original flavours. At the right fatiness the flesh will come tender. That is the case for Kwee Heng everytime, the consistency is simply remarkable. I ask to spare the sauce on the Kway Teow just add some cooked soy & oil (what the Cantonese refer to as 豉油熟油), throw in some pork lard and spring onion. Its the best way to enjoy this dish. Ok, all that said, give the man a Michelin please.