🤤 Here're some of the other staples (available at all outlets) that I REALLY loved; the ✨beef bulgogi kimbap and ✨personal pot army stew! The former is essentially your maki-style rice roll, with seaweed wrapped around tender bulgogi slices that are surprisingly umami & well-seasoned!! And the latter is simply a must-get alongside the chicken - the spicy soupiness somehow manages to balance out the fried goodness while preempting your taste buds for the next bite of chicky!! What sorcery is this?!
Of course, the best way to end a meal is with DESSERT! The ✨soft serve here is - and I quote the bird outside my window - CHEEP CHEEP CHEAP!!!!! $1.80 for a refreshing tower of minty iciness perched atop a crisp charcoal cone? I'd take this over creamier any day. Let me just reiterate that it's a CHARCOAL cone (not just tinted black) with the full-on granular texture and charred flavour. Make sure to get your tongue on the limited mint flavour before the season ends!!🍃
Beef kimbap: $8.90
Jiage (army stew): $10.90
Bulgogi Kimbap: $8.90
Caramel / Mint Soft Serve: $1.80/cone


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