Saw many posted about @beansfactory.singapore when they went to Malaysia JB (esp the Mount Austin outlet), and having not had it before, I was pretty excited to find out they opened a new outlet in Singapore - Tanjong Pagar 100AM Mall!

Black Sesame Shaved Ice (Mix and match) ($10.60)
They have default combinations to pick from, or you can choose to mix and match to build your own bowls! Decided to build my own bowl so that I could try both their black sesame and taro, so this was my flavour combination - Black Sesame Shaved Ice ($6.90), Handmade Taro Paste ($2.50), Taro Balls (3pcs $1.20)

Black sesame was evident, altho a little too milky as I personally prefer v gao and thick black ssm flavours. The taro balls were a pleasant surprise - they aren't only colouring, each flavour was really distinct - i.e. you can taste Matcha in the green ball, and the sweet potato was also strong in the orange one! 🤤 Taro paste sadly got overpowered, so it might be better to pair this with their lighter Tau Fu Fah instead!

Wouldn't mind going back for their other desserts tho, and especially the chewy taro balls!!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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