Personally I’ve higher expectation on the dish
since it’s included in the Michelin guide. In my opinion the flavour of the gravy is very subtle. No ‘kick’ factor when you taste the soup. Although the ‘kway’ is smooth and silky.

I ordered a customised portion with pig trotter and tau kwa (white tofu). Although the pig skin trotter is tender which due to long hour cooking, the meat not as tender as I expected. It’s same as home cooking.

Unfortunately, their chili isn’t add a kick flavour here. It’s just flat taste for dipping purpose (not spicy at all).

Overall, it’s a good try for those who are curious, but lower down your expectation. Side note, all menu is in Mandarin.

If you want basic portion, just tell them set kway chap for 1-2 person.

Add on:
pig trotters $5
big intestines $4
pig’s stomach $4
pork belly $4
pig skin $1-2
tau kwa $0.80
braised eggs $0.60