You could say I grew up eating my popo's ice kachang (雪花飞 stall at Smith Street, Chinatown), and Annie's is the only stall that wins my heart over hers. For me, a good bowl of Ice Kachang is all about the shaved ice, roasted peanuts, and red bean. Annie's ice kachang is definitely on point with all three — finely shaved ice, fragrant roasted peanuts, and well-cooked red beans. Annie's reminds me of my popo's ice kachang because of the roasted peanuts, red bean, and how it's served traditionally. I first chanced upon it during lunch one day at Tanjong Pagar Hawker Centre, and fell in love with it! I started going back since then, but of course not forgetting my popo's; where I could have my own version of ice kachang! It used to be a weekly affair at popo's stall with my cousins. The hawker centre was our playground, from making DIY ice kachang to having mini ice ball fights outside her stall. A bowl of ice kachang is so much more than just a sweet tooth craving for me, it's a sweet childhood memory. #hawkerpedia