Finally have the chance to visit Park Bench Deli since I don’t work at the CBD, and they don’t open for dinner on weekends. Park Bench Deli has a more communal seating arrangement, and it gets pretty crowded on Saturday afternoon. There weren’t any seats when we arrived but we got seats for 3 at the central table indoors about 10 minutes later. It might be a little awkward if you only get seats in a row since you’ll be facing strangers while eating your food but I guess they cater to grab and go diners.

My eyes immediately zoomed in on the Fried Egg Power which comes with double fried egg, crispy bacon, smashed tater tots, tomato and special sauce, sandwiches between pide bread. This is classified under the Breakfast menu, which is served all day till closing (3pm) on weekends. The sandwich was served piping hot - like really too hot to hold with your bare hands! Yums.

This is my definition of a perfect sandwich. Fluffy, soft bread to sink your teeth into, where you’re met with amazing fillings. The edges of the bacon is indeed crispy, yet the strips weren’t fried to a complete crisp, so you can still savour some juiciness from the bacon strips. As a fan of the KFC American Twister, I really enjoy having hash browns in my wraps, and the appearance of tater tots in this sandwich really excited me. There’s a few slices of tomato to help balance out the oily fried ingredients, and add a slight bit of refreshing tang to the sandwich. I think the special sauce is some Animal-style sauce, but it really goes well with the other ingredients. All of these are enveloped by the fried egg, in a Ramly-esque style. This. Was. Perfection.

My only wish is that an outlet opens closer to the West with extended opening hours so that I can get my hands on this and their other amazing sandwiches more often!