Kicking off a meal here are a wonderful selection of small bites - an auspicious number of them to be sure, and what I had that day were astonishing indeed.

Four were gems from the garden:

- a crisp radish heart with bottarga, amalfi lemon gel and shiso blossom.

- a pickled carrot with aged balsamic vinegar.

- a mint-infused baby zucchini with Giardiniera pesto made from pickled vegetable trimmings.

- a dramatic curl of Radicchio Tardivo with organic local honey and grilled Asiago cheese crumble.

The others were:

- a crisp rice tuille with a flurry of shaved 36-months Parmigiano Reggiano and burnt cream.

- a Sicilian Datterini tomato confit on black olive crostini.

- sunchoke skin with locally-made burrata using fresh milk from the Dolomites and crumbled pistachio.

- a carrot ring holding 24-months-aged Prosciutto di Parma with cantaloupe gel.

All were exquisite.

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