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Squid ink was a little gimmicky as it tasted exactly like their normal fishballs. They ran out of fishcake before 8pm so that gives you an idea of how popular they are. But since they offered to replace the fishcakes with the immensely umami-filled fish dumplings. The soup didn't appeal to me despite it being thick and gelatinous. I felt that the normal soup goes a lot better with these fishball noodles toppings. The noodles were really soft and slurpy because of the thick soup though. However it's pretty expensive for 15, around double their original I think, just for a different soup base that doesn't go as well as the original. Anyways their fishballs and fishcakes and fish dumplings are spectacular as ever so that's a redeeming point.

PS I switched out the tau pok for fish skin and it was awesome