Run by young hawkers, Gyu Nami has been open for a grand total of two days, but if they manage to keep the quality consistent with what I had today, they might just be in business for the next two decades.

There's one thing, and one thing only on their menu: Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi ($10). That wagyu donburi will set everyone's tongues wagging for a few reasons, believe me. Tastewise, the beef is pretty simple but decent. Lightly salted and roasted to a majestic medium rare, each slice of bovine was a delight to devour. Fret not, the beef may be sliced, but each slice is generously proportioned and as such the texture isn't affected at all.

And speaking of slices, THERE'S SO MANY OF 'EM. No seriously, look at the picture above. Somewhere, buried deep beneath that avalanche of bovine, lies a mound of moist japonica rice. Yeah, that's how much beef you're getting for ten bucks. While the beef isn't as fatty as I'd expect for wagyu beef, I ain't complaining man. Ten bucks for some hardcore bulking? Just shut up and take my money!


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