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Many would say yes!
✔️Char Siew + Roasted pork platter (L 34++, XL 65++): The marination was unlike others. Coated with sweet caramalised charred, their char siew was addictive. Alas! The proportion of fats in the char siew was a little too much imo. More towards 70-30. 50-50 would be good imo. The crispy pork belly (siew yoke) was nice, but not special like the char siew. L is good for 4 pax.
✔️ Salted egg yolk Lotus (7.9++): First bite when served piping hot, yes I love it. It was crispy n the salted egg yolk was creamy and not jelat. However as time passed, it gets less crunchy.
✔️ Noodles/Fragrant rice (3/1.5++): Pricey imo yet cant do without this at chinese restaurants. Nevertheless, the springy mee kia noodles were decent w some pork bits as complement s to the main dishes. ✔️Brocoli and Mushrooms: I will give this a miss.
Overall: ♥️♥️♥️♥️ I believe my malaysian friends would love this as the taste is close to KL version imo.