Came on a Thursday night but still close to a 1hr wait. The food was worth the wait though. Eat the jjajangmyeon while it is hot. The sauce dries up after it cools down. The noodles texture was the chewy type and the black bean sauce tasted authentic. It was my first time trying jjamppong (wanted to try after watching korean drama Record of Youth). For someone with zero spicy tolerance, the spiciness of the jjamppong was bearable (might take a few coughs to get used to it). However, the soup was addictive and you just keep going for more and more spoonfuls. Tasted of seafood and capsicum. The sweet and sour pork (or tangsuyuk) was interesting. The sauce tasted similar to those caifan stalls but the flour coating the pork was a bit chewy? I think it is glutinous rice flour or something like that. Love the lotus roots too. There was free flow hard boiled egg (too full to eat it), plain water for you to drink and one free ice popsicle just before you exit the shop. Worth it for this price and will come back again.

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