Grilled Catfish w/ Creamy Dill Sauce ($7.20), with Wild Olivesโ€™ Signature Mushroom Rice, and Seasonal Vegetables (choice of 2 side dishes)

Black Mussels w/ Garlic Butter Cream Sauce ($7.50, good for sharing)

1h queue on a rainy Sunday lunchtime, but completely worth it. All the food is flavourful, meats are grilled to perfection, and portions are generous & value-for-money.

They have an (unspoken) system in place where they will come around to the queue to get everyoneโ€™s choice of mains to start grilling; when you finally get to the counter, settle the choice of sauce and sides (and any other add-ons), and make payment. The food is served pretty quickly after that.

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