The Fish Fillet in Sour Soup 重庆酸菜鱼 ($29.80 for large) did not disappoint - it is spicy, tangy and flavourful, and the delicious broth goes really well with a bowl of rice. I like that it has a spicy and tangy kick without being overpowering (i.e. not the kind that you will choke on) and there is a certain smoothness to the soup that makes it very palatable. The fish is soft and smooth, and it comes with a generous amount of enoki mushroom that adds texture to the dish.

I have not tried many 酸菜鱼but I did had a few previously, and this is by far my favourite. The large portion is more than enough for 3 pax. The menu at Chengdu is quite extensive but unfortunately we didn’t have enough stomach space to try the other dishes. Looking forward to coming back again someday!