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According to chef, this is one popular dish that people return for. When asked about the reason for the name of this appetizer, chef shared that it’s actually a popular Thai street food and the story goes as a mother served deep-fried eggs to her son-in-law as a reminder/warning to treat her daughter well, or his valuable bits would be in danger.

Hard boiled eggs are first cooked with a precise timing such that the yolks are still runny like the ones in soft boiled eggs, and subsequently deep fried till the exterior crisp up, just like those of fried fish balls. Served with Mama’s signature chili jam, star of the dish. Processed over 8 hours, the chili jam is a creation based on sambal, less spicy but sweeter as palm sugar is used, and has a jammy texture. Caters well to those who can’t take spicy stuff, but I would have preferred the actual sambal.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!