After witnessing it make its rounds on Instagram and so many foodies raving positive reviews about it, I am glad that I can finally understand (and tasted) why this bowl of Signature Bee Tai Mak is worth my traveling time from the East to the West. On the first glance, it might look simple and plain, but you will be proven otherwise from the first bite. Without any chilli sauce or vinegar added into it, this bowl of bee tai mak packs so much flavour from their secret blend of sauce and pork lard that it can knock out a boxer in the first round. Throw in some chilli padi if you can take the heat, give it a good mix and savour the multiple layers of flavour and texture from the bite of the bee tai mak to the bouncy fishball, fish roll and fish ‘rulers’. This is definitely a bowl that will be part of my memorable eats’ list and a place that I will highly recommend you come try.

Another gem is the mee pok, and this particular type of noodle is something that I will usually avoid ordering as I am not a huge fan of its flavour and texture, however, the mee pok that was prepared here still retained an al dente texture without the alkaline flavour.
✨ Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle
📍 415 Pandan Gardens, Unit 01-117, Singapore 600415
🍴 [Self Funded]