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Brewlander is probably my favorite homegrown Singaporean SME right now (no prizes for guessing why), and absolute national treasures such as their Courage Double IPA (DIPA) will only boost their IPO value.

It’s brewed in Cambodia (booooo! What happened to #supportlocal?), but it’s still technically Singaporean. Just like Singapore, it’s deceivingly diminutive and unassuming, but it will kick your ass with its 8.2% ABV if you mess with it.

Why do I say that it’s unassuming? Well, the Brewlander Courage doesn’t taste like an IPA at all, let alone a DIPA. The wild hoppiness which characterizes an IPA that I eventually got sick of is absent, and it’s actually quite restrained. It smells of orange and a bit of lemon zest, and the taste says orange, lemon, honey and a mild suggestion of hops.

Better yet, it’s moderately carbonated, and it won’t turn you into a German Gasbag. Which means that you don’t stop til’ you get enough, and it’s pretty hard to get enough of Singapore’s star export.

So, go ahead, grab some liquid Courage, and go chat up that attractive lady over there. You’ll do fine, my friend.