Cute little buttery crust tart filled with dense and exquisite handcrafted whipped flavoured cream. Using only the finest ingredients and passion of baking to produce these quality baby tarts.
*Lemon Burst🍋 - Jump with joy as you enjoy the bursting lemony note explode in your mouth. The sweet-citrusy taste is truly marvellous.
*Matcha Matcha🍵 - One can tell the difference if they are using real ingredients. Be amazed by their dense Matcha cream while you savour it in happiness. Sweetness and bitterness is even, and can taste the matcha powder too.
*Snowy Vanilla❄ - Heavenly and pure vanilla taste that will make one merry in the snowy. You can spot tiny black speck in it too. Taste so good.
*Choc Melody🍫 - Sing with grace while appreciating the classic note of Choco and dancing to the white crunchy pearl. Rich & creamy.
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