$24 // lmao wished for cake and got WAY more than i could have ever asked for. 10 alternating layers of chocolate devil’s food cake and peanut butter mascarpone, 2 of my absolute favorite flavors and also my guilty pleasures!! the cake was fudgey and moist and the peanut butter mascarpone cream cheese frosting was great as well and it was covered in chocolate ganache, which was the perfect cake combination, but idk who thought it was a good idea for a 20 layer cake, and why did i think it was a good idea too lol. ate and ate and ate and yet we barely made a dent in the cake, even though it was SUPER good. (and we were so sick of it at the end to even think of bringing it home as a takeaway, and i also noticed a lot of other tables didn’t finish their cake as well) i guess this is a novelty thing, but if u plan to eat this, i recommend u bring a few more people and be super hungry before coming 🤪🤪

but the ambience at lavo was amazing, such chill vibes against the backdrop of singapore’s skyline and the setting sun!!!