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Other than Geylang, this is another go to place for homemade noodles. I will always have to have this plate of happiness, just before teaching my weekly classes at Beauty World. The old world charm, never changed at all, for the longest time. The signage and and the old table and stools remains, are simply run down and endearing. Seeing people hanging around talking to each other, gives that homely sense of community. Everyone is so friendly to each other. I enjoy just sitting around listening in, and get trapped into their charming hawker centre, people watch and run through what I would be teaching for the day. While their soup is superb, you should go for the dry version. The black sauce and chilli combo is simply so amazing, and that chilli kick is the bomb. Do not underestimate the small amount of chilli they have put there, the spice will be you smile while it burns your lips slightly (I am big on spicy). And if you find the sauce too much, you can always wash it down with the soup they provide. The minced meat were well marinated, and the noodles have good texture and thickness to give you that bite. And for a small price at $3.50, you've got to love hawker food. #Hawkerpedia