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I had a lovely night at Fat Belly with a friend the other evening. The food was beautiful. From preparation to presentation, it was charming being able to see the chefs preparing the dishes itself. A whole new dining experience for me.

We ordered their charcoal grill steak which just melts in your mouth and would recommend to any diners. The side dishes (Truffle fries and Sauteed Thyme Mushroom Medley) are just on par to complement the dish. The portions were adequate.

Service staff was excellent as well. Courteous and swift, they do not hesitate with our queries and always smiling.

The setting was intimate, evenly spaced and with some well-placed decorations to bring the place a mood and ambience for an enjoyable dinner in the evening with a group of friends or a date.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Fat Belly.