Hands down the BEST salted egg dish in town (literally). Located on the top floor of the adolescent-filled Far East Plaza, New Station Bar is joined with other little hawker stalls selling inexpensive hawker fare in the otherwise expensive district 10. Home to many other zichar dishes, it is these salted egg pork ribs that stand out. On my first visit, I remember seeing every single person/group having a serving of these, whether it was an individual rice dish or for sharing. I'm not sure what makes this dish work - from the crispy yet fluffy fried pork ribs, to the creamy and runny salted egg sauce, to the curry leaves that glitter the plate - the combination of all these ingredients make for a truly remarkable and affordable dish. I was sold the first time I came and I will continue to be floored whenever I visit this humble yet honest stall.

Heartiness (portion): 4/5
Tastiness (product): 5/5
Worthiness (price): 5/5