My late father and grandparents came to Singapore from the Fujian province in China after World War II. When I was young, one of the very traditional and unique heritage dishes that Grandma always cooked for us was fried Orh Yee (Steamed Yam Cake).

To avoid food wastage, grandma mixed leftover rice with shredded yam, sweet potato flour and water to form a sticky mixture and steamed over high heat. The steamed yam cake could be stored in the fridge for days and weeks. When needed, just slice the yam cake into thin slices and fry with any meat and vegetables available. So yummy and comforting.

I have never seen this dish in any of the local Hokkien restaurants before until last week when I saw a FB post on a similar dish here at Quan Xin Yuan. I immediately have the urge to try it and so here I am.

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