The Soup type is the teochew Version which is Clear. Now I Going to Recommend u all the Dark Version of Bak Kut Teh which is dark Sauce Hollie Version of Bak Kut Teh. As I Enter the Shop House it is kind of Antique. Initally was thinking the Soup will serve in Claypot I was wrong it serve in a Small Bowl. When the Bowl of Soup was served it is all 🍖 no vegetable added. I kinda feel Eating this feeling Jelak. The Owner also tell me adding Enoki 🍄 will destroy their soup base. Well since there is no vegetable I cannot predict how can the stall owner sell Alot ? Those who think KSL is travelling distance. This one is near the JB custom. 5 min Walking Distance From Custom.
Address: 146 Japan Limbs Kids Bukit Chase 80300 Johor Bantu Malaysia
Operating Hours:0830 to 1430
Closed on Every Mondays