Demonic prices at the bazaar, even though they aren’t anything new. 😭 I must say however, that the Pancake Stack with Boba from Alley wasn’t too shabby at all. The thin trio stick of pancakes were cooked pretty perfectly, and paired nicely with the dollop of Chantilly cream and gobsmack of boba pearls. Sweetness wasn’t overbearing at all, which was the aspect of the dish that surprised me the most.

I have several gripes though:
• The price was absolutely not worth the portion I received
• The cream melted into an unrecognisable form as soon as the boba pearls landed on them, so you have to be lightning fast when getting photos
• The tea pancakes was devoid of any tea flavour

In spite of these though, I’m really not mad at it. 🤭 (6.7/10)