There are many established names in the local F&B scene when one mentions about Chinese restaurants that are situated in hotels, but Song Garden is one that seems to be rarely mentioned — the Chinese restaurant is hidden within the second level of Mercure Singapore Bugis and currently only accessible via a lift that is located outside the premises of the hotel itself.

Serving dim sum only during the lunch hour, we were quite surprised by the spread that they actually have here — apart from the quintessential items such as the Steamed Prawn Dumpling and Steamed Honey BBQ Pork Bun, they also do have other more inventive creations such as the Baked Abalone Tart with Black Truffle and Pan-Seared “Otah” Seafood Dumpling.

Being here for a quick weekday lunch whilst being back in the office, the Shrimp Mousse on Silver Thread Vermicelli Roll is one of the items that left the strongest impressions for me — already being an item that I would most likely to try at another dim sum establishments that serves them. I like how their rice rolls are so silken and smooth; not overly thick, and disintegrates so effortlessly as one sends a piece into the mouth — the golden fried batter of the shrimp being so light and crispy, yet not particularly greasy as it encases bouncy shrimp paste that comes with a good bite within. The shrimp also bursts of a natural sweetness; a testament to the freshness of the shrimp used here — all of that going in harmony with the soy sauce beneath that provides a largely savoury, yet lightly sweet note that compliments the rice roll and the other elements so ever perfectly.

Song Garden is quite a hidden find for those in the know — a spot that is pretty value-for-money considering how big their dim sum portions are. The dishes featuring shrimp/prawns are rather large — not exactly bite-sized but that’s not going to be something to complain about; their Steamed Prawn Dumplings are perhaps the largest I have ever seen. Thankful to be brought here by colleagues on an occasion; would most certainly return to give more items a try with my folks the next time!

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