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[Halal | Invited Tasting, 1/6] So the other day, I was kindly invited to an eat-up at Hyde & Co to try out their new items. Their new menu, titled 'Take Hyde Out' is designed to cater to the pro-takeout and pro-delivery crowd.

Here is a half-and-half pizza of Geisha (left) and The Bomb (right). Not your conventional toppings for sure, with ingredients such as mentaiko mayo and bonito for the former, and Sambal Cincalok and omelette, chye poh for the latter. But it still manages to not alienate the pizza-nomming experience.

My favourite was The Bomb definitely. The thin veil of sambal cincalok packed a spicy punch, and the prawn + chye poh omelette had a nice bite to it which actually felt intrinsic to what a pizza should texturally be like. And oh boy, did I relish this. Funny thing was, I was expecting to hate it knowing how pungent the smell of cincalok usually is, but wow I can safely say that I'm a straight-up convert!

It is expensive though, with half a pizza going for $14 and a full-sized one going for $27. But if you ever get the chance to, really, I recommend that you give this localised flavour its deserved try.

(Geisha: 6.6/10 | The Bomb: 7.3/10 | Overall: 7/10)

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