Thanks to a friend's instagram post, I was inspired to try Grain's food & delivery service today. First-time users get $5 off; you can too, just use my code RF45088 when signing up. I get $5 too - you're helping a fellow foodie out!

I ordered the Dragon Well Basil Rice ($8.95), which essentially is ζ“‚θŒΆι₯­ aka Thunder Tea Rice. I loved the nutty mix of brown & black rice! The down side is that this dish is pretty oily, but then again I've never had a non-oily bowl of Thunder Tea Rice. I also wish the egg yolk weren't so overcooked, but other than this, I enjoyed this dish. The ingredients are entirely vegetarian, which some might find boring.. But Grain has other options too, so check out their website for more details.

There was an unavoidable $2 delivery charge to my location, & a $3 surcharge for orders under $20. Added together, this is what my $5 discount offsets. However, if you work in the CBD, you can choose to pick up at certain locations, hence avoiding the $2 delivery charge. That's pretty neat... & for returning customers, if you pool together a few orders, the $3 surcharge eventually goes away.

Delivery was on time (ok, 4 minutes early) & the delivery guy was polite, also followed my instructions to call me when he arrives. No complaints there.

Last but certainly not least, I liked how you can opt to reject cutlery (I usually do), & I hope they continue to make this option available.

Now, back to work with a full belly..

πŸ’³ Accepts credit cards
πŸ›΅ Delivery only; not an actual restaurant with seats
πŸ’· RF45088 for $5 off!