So. much. MEAT. 🍗🍖 They have beef, lamb, chicken and fish here. I'm not sure if the 'ham' they serve here is pork or not but afaik they don't serve pork. The meat here is excellently marinated and is full of flavour. It is tender and juicy too. The meat comes fresh on large metal sticks so when you eat them they are pleasantly crisp on the outside and suitably hot. The 'salad' bar is well-stocked with excellent accompaniments to your meat. I recommend the tempura eggplant, the cauliflower and the spaghetti but take it sparingly to make room for the variety of fresh meat. Definitely worth the RM94 per person to come here for my bro's birthday. Sorry for the lack of photos of the offerings, the food was just too good.😅😅😅10/10 would definitely recommend!!! #foodgasm #foodporn #meatlover #buffet #brazilianfood #burpple #churrascaria

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