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Sweater weather calls for steamboat! But a poor student like me wouldn't spend go splurging at HDL when you've Shi Li Fang as a great alternative. Starting from $9.90, you get a personal set of your choice of soup base, choice of meat, choice of carbohydrate, a vegetable platter, a beverage, and access to their DIY sauce bar. Now who else can beat that??

My chicken + fish set is $9.90 and it came with 4-5 slices of chicken and fish each, of which the chicken was sliced so thinly that it looked translucent. My boyfriend got the more premium beef tenderloin set which cost $14.90, but it came with 10 slices of beef that weren't too thin. We also chose the handmade noodles which came as a slab of dough - you can either pull them yourself or get the staff to help you (just take this option because we both failed so badly LOL). Soup wise, the tomato and fish soups were great (:

All in all, a really decent meal which warmed our souls at wallet-friendly prices. Oh and just in case you're a plushie maniac, the plushies on display are all free for grabs (limited to 1 per table).