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co+nut+ink’s premium nuts & fruits ice cream ($6.50) is the ideal dessert for a sunny day as it’s especially refreshing !! it’s a little on the pricier end for a single scoop but it also comes with a complementary cup of coconut water. the ice cream isn’t the creamy, thick sort, but rather it’s reminiscent of the thinner and thirst-quenching texture of sorbet. i’m not a fan of coconut in general but i do quite like this because the coconut taste isn’t particularly strong! the nuts also add a lot of crunch to what would otherwise be a pretty boring scoop of ice cream. there’s also a generous serving of coconut flesh on the husk if you wish to scrape it out and eat it as well. this isn’t an extremely outstanding ice cream, but it is relatively good for when you’re craving something light and icy. perfect for when you’re stopping by the beach!

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