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This signature item displays a combination of differing textures and flavours, featuring a thick and creamy charcoal cheese softserve, topped with soft and chewy Okinawa Brown Sugar pearls, and housed in a crispy wafer taco shell. The pearls are made with a combination of fragrant Okinawa Brown Sugar and Kuromitsu (Japanese Black Sugar Syrup) for a rich smoky caramelised flavour which pairs impeccably with the soft serve. A generous sprinkling of crushed nuts adds an excellent crunch to the dessert.
Opening Promotion - If your name is "Emma", you get 50% off for the month of July 2019. SImply show your ID or Namecard to the service staff prior to ordering, limited to 1 discounted item for Emma. Enjoy pre-orders on Klook for 15% off for any of the 3 flavours: Emma Soft Milk, Emma Charcoal Cheese Cone and Brown Sugar Kinako Bubble Soft.