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Had always wanted to try Men Men Don Don and finally went to the Hillion Mall branch for dinner yesterday to check them out.

It's not fantastic, but it satisfies for the quick, fast service nature of the concept. Pretty much the fuss-free dining concept here, the Una-Tama Don was decent with a good portion of thin Unagi slices (though rather scaly) that is simmered with egg — the dashi gets into some parts of the rice hence flavoring up the rice. I do like how they actually have a self-service counter where one could help themselves with seaweed, pickles and tempura bits (which I gladly sprinkled a good amount onto my Don), and there is always soy sauce and chili flakes on the table if you need more flavour to go with the rice. Wouldn't mind visiting for a quick Donburi fix, but probably would go for the cheaper items just to make it more bang for the buck.