In order of preference:

1. Kopi Kaya Peanut Butter: Coffee chiffon cake with kaya and homemade peanut butter. The taste of the PB dominates actually, but I am a PB fan so this is my favourite of the lot. The coffee chiffon is just alright.

2. Sesame Yuzu: Sesame chiffon with yuzu curd. The sesame chiffon taste good with the tangy yuzu curd.

3. Pulut Hitam: Panda chiffon with pulut hitam coated with coconut buttercream. I like the pulut hitam - it is not sweet. Is the pandan chiffon better than eg prima deli’s though? I don’t think so.

Their chiffon cakes are really subtle in taste, the texture of the cakes are alright - didn’t wow me. What makes the cakes special are actually the fillings in between. However, I am not a fan of buttercream in general so that’s one element that does nothing for me.

Meh - will not buy again