If you’re looking for uniquely-flavoured crepes, this place is the one. Starting off with No. 18, the manuka honey made the crepe sweeter which compliments the BOP’s Hojicha seasalt ice cream really well. Even as it melts, it covers the crepe nicely and mixes well with the honey for a sweet and ‘salty’ flavour (the salt isn’t really that overpowering).

No. 22 is a whole other taste profile with the poached pear being the main star. It is soft and tangy while the chocolate balances it out and provides the sweetness for the crepe.

If you’re looking for a fun and extremely sweet crepe, No. 20 is the one for you. Tho it is made with simple ingredients, the white chocolate drizzled on speculoos biscuit, it is actually my favourite. The speculoos biscuit offers a ‘crunch’ with every bite taken.

The price range: $10~$12

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