Visited The White Tiffin recently; the F&B establishment having moved from Fragrance Empire Building to its new premises at Changi City Point. Serving up their famed Nasi Lemak, the menu also sees a variety of other Noodle and Rice offerings, such as Curry Chicken and Laksa as well, alongside with cakes and desserts (including the Soya Beancurd Tart that seems to be supplied by Le Cafe).

Really enjoyed the Nasi Lemak they have to offer; coming with other elements such as Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Achar and Salted Egg Fish Skin, the Nasi Lemak here is one that comes with quite a number of accompaniments on the side. The Nasi Lemak here comes infused with Blue Pea Flower to carry that blue hue; otherwise, the rice was pretty fluffy and carried a nice hint of fragrance from the coconut — distinct, yet light. The portion of the Prawn Paste Chicken is pretty generous; the fried batter being all crisp while the flesh itself was juicy and succulent, carrying a umami flavour from the prawn paste used in its marination — the flavours being on point and well-expected for what it seems to suggest. Carrying its signature hint of sweetness, the chili is the sort that is typically served with Nasi Lemak yet carrying a moderate level of spiciness that tingles the tastebuds. Other elements like the Ikan Bilis and Salted Egg Fish Skin were crispy like they should; none of the limp, aired-out ones that one may get at a coffeeshop because they were sitting at the counter for too long, while the Achar came peanut-free (yay for me!) and carried a refreshing crunch that gives a good break from the heavier elements. Had always been wanting to try them out after reading multiple articles on them; a great eat that I would consider having in the area, and something which I would most certainly wish to have again!

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