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If you are looking for an unconventional take of our iconic national dish, look no further than this Chili Crab Bread Bowl at Dancing Crab! The 2 live crabs at approximately 700g each, are nicely dissected to be encased within the bread bowl, and can be shared nicely among 4 people (you get 1 pincer each!) if you are ordering some sides or other smaller combos to go along.

No doubt you don’t get the pillowy man tous to dip in, but the crispy yet fluffy bread bowl make equally good dipping buddy. And even if the dish looks innovative, the sauce still retains the characteristic of the Singapore chili crab sauce; tangy, spicy (thanks to the chili padi used!), herbaceous from the lemongrass and ginger. What’s different are the pomelo chunks, that enhanced the refreshing taste amidst the heavy flavours in that bowl. Such citrusy with those from oranges are truly welcomed!

Might seem a little pricey, but fresh firm crab meat is definitely worth the wow especially when shared. At least we were rather impressed with a different type of chili crab.