Fishball noodle is a staple local food in Singapore and you can find them in almost every coffeeshop/market/foodcourt. Think fishball noodles and the first place that comes into mind is - Song Kee but I'm gonna write about a fairly new startup.

Firstly let me start with a story. When I was young, my grandma used to made fishballs for the whole family to eat. As a curious young girl, I would stand beside my grandma for hours looking at her preparing the fishmeat and helping her roll them into fishballs. Recalling back, there was once an incident where the mischievous me rolled the fishball into the size of a tennis ball and threw it into the boiling water. When my grandma realise it. She chided me and said that the fishball would not be cook thoroughly. As the years flash by, my grandma no longer made fishball for us due to health reason and I have since been on a hunt to find back the familiar taste of fishball done by my grandma.

The hunt for handmade traditional fishball brought me to come across this store called fishball story. Fishball Story may not have a long standing history compared to most of the local food feature in #hawkerpedia but it is definitely worth the mention.

It started way back when Douglas Ng's (the young & passionate owner) grandmother gave a twist to an old Teochew master's fishball recipe which eventually led to the founding of Fishball Story today.

So what's so special about their fishball noodles? It's handmade solely with fish - no flour is used. I actually thought the fishball would made some good ping pong balls. Furthermore, the noodles were cooked to al dente. And, staying true to our Singaporean blood, how can we forget about the chilli used for the noodle? I'm not a good judge when it comes to flavors in chili but this is really good, just the right amount of spice and taste.

Overall, the fishball noodle were fantastic and I would definitely come back again for another visit. Who could resist a good bowl of fishball noodle right? #hawkerpedia