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Hock Lam Beef noodle is closing down by the end of this month. At first, I was hesitant to go and try it but after having heard the fact that their recipe has been passed down for 108 years. I decided that it must be worth a shot to try it. Luckily, I went there when the queue wasn't so busy yet (around 4.30pm) and I ordered the mixed beef kuay teow soup ($9.90). The soup was beefy and delicious with about 13 spices blended into it. I must say it exceeded my expectations and is almost similar to the one I had in Bangkok. I really loved how the portions are just right. The bowl was generously filled with sliced beef diced beef tendon beef balls and stomach! The soup goes really well with the lime and chopped chili however their homemade chili was quite sweet so I didn't think it would go that well with the soup. I am definitely coming back to eat the dry beef kuay teow next time!