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The Monster Mash is indeed quite a monster. It’s a fried breaded chicken cutlet topped with aged cheddar, bacon and a wasabi mash, and coated in bechamel sauce, with a very beautiful brown honey oat bun. Sadly the burger itself wasn’t as impressive as it looked. The chicken was quite heavily breaded and the meat wasn’t really seasoned at all. I liked the mash potatoes because of the different textures of potatoes though. The bun was kind of a let down though. While it looked beautiful, it was overly toasted so it was kinda hard, and with the fried (and a slightly dry) chicken cutlet, it was kind of hard to stomach.

Glad that we changed our fries to sweet potato fries with a top up of $2.50 though! Although they were slightly softer than the regular fries, I personally enjoy their sweeter taste.

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